The Marine Drive Refurbishmentation

Hello friends,
Last saturday I visit MarineDrive, and found that it was not the good time to visit it. the reason is as explained below:

Image of Marine Drive

Click here to enjoy a Flyby video of Marine Drive!
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The Task

REFURBISHMENT OF MARINE DRIVE with the intent to Brand & propagate the ‘place’ as a landmark

The Approach

ARC-CGL believes that Place Architecture is too important to be left only to the architects!

It believes that place architecture must go beyond function, aesthetics and beauty into creating true landmarks with cultural & economic overlays.
It is with this philosophy that ARC-CGL has approached this project of national importance that is significant to Mumbai and, in turn, to other metros of the country.
Our endeavor is to take the project ‘beyond beauty’ and have it transform Marine Drive into being a global landmark. This can be achieved through place branding by creating ‘experiences’ within the project scope.