Why the name : Rang De Basanti

Actually, reporters asked this question to Aamir in a press conference. What he told was pretty interesting...

In the crew of the film unit, there was a person called GNAR (Russian Artist). He was a giant of 8'2" in height and 130 kilos of weight. He was the person, who lifted and threw Aamir, in the title song.

The producer of the movie asked by some pundit to name his film after 11 days of shooting is completed. On 11th day of shoot, all crew had a heated discussion and argument on what should be the name of the movie. They decide to put chits and all stuff, but nobody agreed to one name. At that time Gnar was not feeling well and he was sleeping in his camp tomb (It was an outdoor shoot on the mountains). The pundit was on sets and they suggested that the crew will visit Gnar and whatever will be first word(s) every person will speak after entering his camp - will be the name of movie. If more than one choice then the word(s) mostly spoken will be selected. And that will be the last chance of titling the movie.

Scene-2: All of the crew people walking towards GNAR's tent and opens the veil and ... All of them were surprised... Gnar twirling and trying to sleep on a 4 feet long bed. Everyone was shocked and in unison they shouted "ITNA SA BED GNAR"..... silence...long silence.... It was said... and by all... They had to keep this name of the movie.

But the producer and Director were very upset over the kind of name finalized. They lost all enthusiasm and even thought of dumping the project...Then came the advice from the great GNAR... The advice which was accepted by the producer with most happiness... He Said, "Why don't you reverse the title text....



April 07, 2006 10:10 PM

LOL, that presented an interesting read

  Julia Scissor ;-)

September 09, 2006 3:32 PM

That's incredible..truth is stranger than fiction..